New Corrugated Box Design Is Dramatic Step Forward in Reusable Packaging

New Corrugated Box Design Is Dramatic Step Forward in Reusable Packaging

New Corrugated Box Design Is Dramatic Step Forward in Reusable Packaging

These days, people, the government and organizations all over the world have become all the more wary of the changing nature and the kind of problems that it brings with it. Hence, each one of them is trying to do their bit to improve nature and ensure that human beings do not get extinct like the dinosaurs. One such step taken by organizations is the introduction and usage of the new Corrugated Box Design. It is considered to be a wonderful step taken towards availing reusable packaging and benefiting from it environmentally and financially.

Breakthrough innovative product

The corrugated shipping box, according to the experts is reusable and can be inverted quickly after use, so as to form similar a new, clean shipper, thus making it inexpensive. The developers are said to have used the latest technology to come up with such a breakthrough and revolutionary and environmentally safe design. Organizations, small and large do support reusing of corrugated containers to ship their different products. It has managed to reduce overall expenses in shipping and packaging operations, thereby increasing profits of the organization. The experts do claim that the design does enable cleaning within the box, effortlessly, easily and quickly such that it becomes new externally, thereby doubling lifecycle of the box. Therefore, it is the innovative design of the corrugated plastic sheets and containers that makes its re-usage, very much a practical and cost-effective option.

Recycled and fit to be used again

Typically, the shipping boxes are found to be solid structurally eve after its first usage. However, they are recycled or thrown away, due to their look. But the corrugated Box Design does enable cleaning of the box within so easily and quickly that its external view becomes new and hence making it possible to be used again, without any worry or hassle. As a matter of fact, this reusable box tends to perform the task of two boxes, or perhaps, even more!

Such reusable boxes as per the industry experts are just perfect for replacement shipments and warranty claims, return and repair operations, exchanges, e-commerce returns, intraoffice and intracompany shipments, product loaners, along with other applications, where there is used more than a single shipping container to ship products back & forth.

Besides this, using the reusable Corrugated Plastic Sheets also very clearly shows the honest intention of the organization to support a clean environment. It actually encourages packaging reusing and communicates their ideal sustainable values. This will definitely go well with the public in general and those who are interested to do business with them, thus enhancing its market goodwill and improving sales volume and revenue.

Apart from strengthening the sustainable packaging profile of the firm, such reusable boxes also are able to save huge amounts of money which is achieved by streamlining procurement, reducing material expenses, conserving warehouse space and eliminating SKUs. The shipping boxes, in addition, are likely to be custom printed within and externally, so as to increase the efficiency of returns processing.

Corrugated boxes for determining the Quality

It is essential to understand that secondary packing does form a crucial aspect associated with the consignment’s successful delivery to any place. Therefore, it becomes vital to come up with sustainable packing to ensure delivery in different conditions. Be it wooden boxes or cartons, the packing definitely is expected to be tough enough to withstand the harsh physical and environmental conditions. Therefore, corrugated boxes for determining its quality is required to fulfill several essential factors.

To ensure availing top quality cartons, only superior quality raw materials are to be used. Moreover, it is to comply with the internal set standards according to research and development. To come up with a strong carton, it needs to have a good amount of compressive strength that can be determined according to its intended application. Usually, there is performed compression test, so as to judge the box’s buckling load.

Tips to determine box buckling load

For determining corrugated box buckling load or compression strength, the compression test is considered to be among the best options available. This test is used extensively in different manufacturing units and work processes. Strength depends upon different box factors, which are given below:

1. Carton structural design: The box dimension and shape does play a significant role to determine box properties. Features such as flap directions and loading direction definitely are crucial considerations to be made.

2. Environmental conditions: In case, testing of the boxes is not done for the desired working conditions, then it might cause product failure. Conditions of the warehouse, manufacturing unit as well as final destination do matter a lot. Water or moist air prone areas cause direct damage to the carton.

3. The raw material used: If used material is weak, then it is quite likely that the box will instantly collapse once pressure is exerted.

4. Corrugated board: If corrugated board properties are found to be poor, then it is quite natural for the end product to have less sustaining features.

It is for the above reasons that only good quality and strong corrugated plastic boxes are to be selected. A good amount of experience and expertise will be required to ensure correct purchase so as to deliver accurate results. Proper and thorough research before a selection is an absolute must to avoid box failure. Even safety margins are to be taken into consideration and no decision should be made out of a lack of expertise or knowledge.

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