Corrugated Plastic Sheet/Boxes Manufacturer and Suppliers in US

Corrugated Plastic Sheet/Boxes Manufacturer and Suppliers in US

Paper boards are passé and plastics are in but the similarity does not last long. While paperboards are prone to friability and destruction, plastics have a longer life of endurance and durability. Plastics come in various forms the most common of which is polypropylene. These sheets are astoundingly strong having twin wall chambers that enhances their strength to withstand air pressure, forceful water tripping and stormy conditions. Of course, we can also buy these boards from Corrugated Plastic Sheet/Boxes Manufacturer and Suppliers in US. The products are waterproof, they can resist extreme heat conditions also. The sheets are quite stretchable and can be cut to shape without discomfort.

Corrugated sheet suppliers in us

Have we wondered why it is becoming so popular in today’s culture that polypropylene sheets are a common sight everywhere. Until now, since paperboard was extensively used as an affordable element in box packaging for electronic goods, hardware, books and many items we can think of, but that was some time ago. But today, with paper use taking a back seat due to paper conservation drives, efforts on afforestation, energy and other socioeconomic conditions are giving way to newer ideas upfront. Given this, corrugated plastic sheets have found takers with their dominance over paperboards with both pricing and longevity. Industries around the world are looking to having trustworthy packaging solutions for different requirements of business. Definitely, the answer to this is corrugated plastic sheets. These are double layered sheets with twin wall and a built of air channels between their walls.

Qualities of Corrugated Plastic Sheet:

Polypropylene sheets are better known as corrugated plastic sheets. Plastic corrugated sheet is always stronger than cardboard sheets. The preparation of corrugated boxes in US seeks combination of two substances i.e. polypropylene and polyethylene. These are widely used versatile thermoplastics. Polypropylene has a neutral ph yet it is quite resistant to many chemicals at normal temperatures. It can be strengthened to a greater degree by using additives to provide resistive powers from UV, static energy and fire. Polycarbonate is also used but its not that much flexible or versatile and can give away due to its poor impact resistance and brittle nature. Similarly PVC and PET are also used.

The use of polypropylene sheets or corrugated material includes sun roofing, flex board display, packaging products and in fast food joint panels. This material has become a great hit amongst factory owners and packaging industries because the material doesn’t soil or give way. It is fast to modify with just a kitchen knife yet the quality of strength retains after several uses or rough transportation.

A corrugated plastic sheet is the answer to most problems in industries today. It promises environment friendly solutions to deforestation triggered from the increasing demand for paper pulp due to higher packaging needs. But now corrugated sheets have replaced paper products and are a better choice as they are frugal and sturdy. A Corrugated Sheet and Boxes manufacturer in United States can fulfill the spurt in demand for corrugated boxes in US with other countries joining the trend.

Since India getting better with industrial standards in terms of quality and production, many industries from India have become major exporting hubs of corrugated sheets to the world. For the demand of polypropylene is rising beyond the subcontinent and neighboring nations. Flexible yet tough, these sheets have found new takers as corrugated sheets are being used in equipment packing, hardware, books, spice packaging. Overall the sheets provide sturdy transportation.

The making of coroplast sheets has seen an upward trend to meet the demands rising from the West. As India is producing fine quality twinwall plastics, corrugated sheet manufacturers in United States are facing tough competition from the country. Coroplast products are high in call not only from UK, US and Europe but also from Arabian countries.

This high impact sheets are quite irresistible for today’s economically viable standards of the industry as various cost saving alternatives are being explored to get better cost control in the industry. Because a plastic corrugated sheet is very cost effective to buy, its use has been increasing day by day.

Corrugated sheet suppliers in us

Using corrugated sheets is advantageous:

In construction: Polycarbonate corrugated sheet is 200 times tougher than glass and is perfect material to be used as storm shutters since it is 5 times light weight than ply board. You save money on painting it as it is translucent and has its own shade.

Roofing: Most households use clear polycarbonate corrugated sheet in roofing sunrooms due to its translucent effect combined with its durability, lightweight and insulating properties. The resistance power of corrugated sheets makes it ideal as small greenhouse structures because of its thermodynamic design and heat control.

Relief work: During flood, earthquake or unforeseen events, this lightweight board can be used as a gurney to evict victims and the material can be made into temporary shelters for relief and rehabilitation purposes. Coroplast sheets can be easily screwed and affixed to wooden frames for rapid shelter solutions when needed.

Ecofriendly: Coroplast sheets are versatile and eco friendly. They are flexible to be ideal for packaging components than we can easily reshape them, staple and stitch the sheets with a hobby knife.

Pet pen: Corrugated material is ideal to keep pets in a well enclosed pen like rabbit hutches and bird cage. They are simple to be bolted to the hinges and are easy to clean requiring very low maintenance and service.

Projects: Schools often use softer and light weight material for model building and project makers use polypropylene to build airplanes since its light weight and flexibility has the right tone to provide ideal flying properties for balance and wing management as well as fuselage construction.

Injury support: In an emergency, we can always roll a piece of this plastic sheet around a broken ankle or shank and taped like a splint in that place as it can provide cover against impact protection and body heat retention.

Corrugated Plastic: The Future

The versatility of plastic corrugated sheet is endless. Daily we can find newer uses and merits of corrugated sheets such that its requirement is deemed to increase higher by each year. Still transition from paper boards to corrugated twin wall sheets is rapid and forthcoming. This is why USA has become a prime importer of corrugated sheets from India.

Corpac is a global supplier and manufacturer of different types of corrugated twinwall sheets. We make numerous thickness sheets, with many choices of colors and size. Owing to the requirement of polypropylene as an intermediary product or accessory like battery separators, soft boards for school and college, components for industrial purpose, it is also leak proof and rust proof.

We are pleased to give the best quality material to our clients abroad. Hence, Corpac has been exclusively manufacturing customized corrugated sheets for its clients in the USA as per their size and color requirement.

Corpac stands for brand and its goodwill is recognized the world over because we do not compromise on quality standards and believe in fruitful relationships with our clientele and popular retailers of the product. We welcome our dealers and trading partners to join hands to give this world an exclusive product!

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