Polycarbonate vs. Glass: What’s the Best Choice?

Polycarbonate vs. Glass: What’s the Best Choice?

Polycarbonate vs. Glass: What’s the Best Choice?

If you decide on Polycarbonate vs. Glass, polycarbonate can be an outstanding choice to standard glass. To help you determine which is the perfect material for the task, in this article, we will take a look at the cons and pros of polycarbonate vs. glass, based on some popular applications.

What is a polycarbonate sheet?

Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic polymer, meaning that it is one of the few kinds of plastic sheets that are resilient to high temperatures. Polycarbonate is a transparent, sturdy, and challenging material: it is 200 times as rigid and robust as glass while weighing only half as much. Despite its nutritional qualities, this multipurpose material is also easy to work with.

Features of Polycarbonate Vs Glass?

Polycarbonate                                 Glass

Crystal Clear                                Crystal Clear

Unbreakable                                 Fragile

Easy to Machine                          Glass is difficult to process

Twice as light as glass                 Twice as heavy as polycarbonate

Sensitive to scratches                  Resistant to scratches

Roofing: Polycarbonate or Glass

On the off chance that you are executing to make a DIY Terrace or yard overhang and aren't sure whether to utilize glass or Polycarbonate, it's worth remembering the weight contrast. Owing Polycarbonate is light and is compelling; it won't do a lot of harm if some portion of the rooftop falls. Polycarbonate is additionally more affordable than glass and simpler to work with.

Greenhouses: Standard Glass or Polycarbonate

In the event that you need to construct a DIY Greenhouse yourself, the principal question will be what kind of 'glass' you incline toward for the sheets. The casings of nurseries are generally made of steel, aluminum, or wood. There are cons and professionals to both Polycarbonate and regular glass. If you select Polycarbonate, you will have a nursery that is almost strong and with exceptional protection.

On the off chance that kids will be playing close by, this is the safest alternative. The lone downside is that over the long haul, Polycarbonate gets scratched and doesn't look as pleasant as standard glass. This is effectively addressed by, at times, cleaning the sheets and cleaning the scratches.

However, if you select glass, you opt for a material that retains the sun's heat and is also scratch-resistant. Hence, it cracks much more readily, and if broken, it breaks into razor-sharp pieces that can cut into pieces.  

Replacing Boat Windows with Polycarbonate

When you replace boat windows with Polycarbonate it can survive knocks and bumps and are also UV resistant. Polycarbonate is the best choice as one can also find tinted polycarbonate sheets in our webshop.

Ordering Polycarbonate Sheets Online

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