Corrugated Plastic Sheets for Floor Protection

Corrugated Plastic Sheets for Floor Protection

Corrugated Plastic Sheets for Floor Protection

Plastic Floor Protection is one of best Classic Enterprises Ltd's products. We are one of the top manufacturers of Polypropylene (PP) hollow sheets, also referred to as twin-wall PP. The technique of extrusion produces plastic floor protection. This Polypropylene is commonly used worldwide and is commonly known as the Coroplast and Correx, respectively. CorpacInd is one of India and Asia's most prominent manufacturers and has several industrial applications in construction that can be used as plywood alternatives such as formwork and floor protection. 

PP Sheet Industrial Application in Construction as Plastic Floor Protection

This PP sheet is a rugged but very lightweight material that has outstanding longevity for several applications such as packing, advertising, covers, and many alike. This has widely been used for plastic for floor protection or temporary shields. The biodegradable plastic has been extensively used as an alternative that replaced conventional floor protection cover on a construction location, made from hardboard and plywood, due to its reasonable pricing and high resistance.

The plastic floor protection or covers assist floors from paint spills, scratches from sharp or rough edges, and damage caused by falling objects. Additionally, unlike substitutes material such as plywood or hardboard, plastic floor protection can be used several times and provide cost-efficiency in the long -run.

How to apply Classic Enterprises Ltd's Plastic floor protection?

Classic Enterprises Ltd plastic sheet for floor protection is available in sheets or rolls, and the product is straightforward and ready to install. This plastic sheet is commonly cut and shaped to fit any space, even the strangest ones. The product usually comes in glowing or black sheets from cast-off materials.

Installation is simple as it is relatively lighter than its other option (pressed wood and hardboard). It can likewise fit lopsided corners or establishment radiates by cutting the shape in like manner, effectively with basic instruments like sharp edge cutters. Simultaneously, a hacksaw is expected to slice compressed wood and, in general, be oppressive and tedious. Implement likewise can associate the sheets easily by applying tapes.

Classic Enterprises Ltd Plastic Floor Protection are generally utilized in the Construction Industry with numerous various purposes to secure Floors, Windows, and Doors and Surface Protection all through a site. Ensuring floor surfaces on development and building locales is a significant errand. Polypropylene floor security as the correct device tends to be handily overseen, and significant resources can be very much ensured. 

CorpacInd provides magnificent quality floor and tile shield sheets to our customers. These floor and tile preserver sheets region unit plastic sheets that give combat-free, instant, and perfect methods for defending your floors and tiles all through redesigns, enhancements, fixes, painting, and so on instead of the standard POP on the floors. One can stick the sheets to the floor utilizing an ordinary dark-colored tape or comparative to its color.

Major Benefits of Plastic Sheets for Floor Protection 

  • Eco- Friendly
  • As polymer these plastic sheets for floor protection is flexible yet tough
  • Bacteria resistant and rot proof
  • Ergonomic
  • High compression strengths
  • Anti-slip properties offer a safe work environment

Why Classic Enterprises Ltd?

  • Customized Print
  • We offer full sheet colour printing facility customized as per the requirement
  • We deliver plastic sheets for floor protection with 2mm to 7mm thickness or tailor made thickness as per the requirement of the client.
  • We offer different colors as per the client’s requirement.
  • We provide our corrugated sheets in different sizes
  • Waterproof and moisture proof
  • Virgin & recycled polypropylene

Classic Enterprises Ltd plastic sheet for floor protection provides the continual delivery of superior products at the same time offering leading customer support and satisfaction.

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