Uses and Benefits of Corrugated Plastic Sheet

Uses and Benefits of Corrugated Plastic Sheet

Uses and Benefits of Corrugated Plastic Sheet

Corrugated plastic sheets has become one of the most sought after products in the industries worldwide. Corrugated plastic sheets also known as Corrugated Plastic Cardboard, Coroplast sheets , Waterproof Cardboard , Corrugated Stratocore sheets.  This is mainly because of the various usage corrugated plastic sheets hold on different platforms and workplace.  From factory sheds to sign boards, street directions to roofing alternatives, there is a host of alternatives corrugated sheets can address.

Corrugated  plastic sheets are very strong due to the combination of two layers held by a ribbon center in between.  This structure makes them known as twinwall plastic sheet.  The dynamic value of corrugated sheets hold significance in its usage because of the property of polypropylene and polyethylene which are versatile thermoplastics.  Polypropylene is resistant to many chemicals at normal temperatures and can provide extra resistance from UV, harsh weather, static load and fire.  Its propensity to adhere to climatic changes and unforeseen hardships is indeed an advantage.  Many warehousing industries have been using PVC corrugated plastics reinforced with chopped glass fiber for their storage cabins.  ASA, PVC and polycarbonates have become synonymous with longevity.  One can find them commonly being used in the roof construction also. 

Uses of Corrugated Plastic sheet:

The use of Corrugated plastic sheet has significantly firmed up its holding to the industrial sector.  Let’s discuss some of the clear uses that can be derived from corrugated plastic sheets and know how they hold true dynamism in today’s era:

Building architecture:  Corrugated plastic sheets give ideal protection against storms and heavy winds because they can withstand air pressures almost 200 times stronger than glass and they are easily installable because they are 5 times lighter than plywood.  There is no repainting required and the material does not soil or rot.

Dust cover:  Newer building constructions are covered to contain dust and fumes emanating from debris arising from house revamping.  Large corrugated boards work as excellent trapdoors to contain the grits from falling to the neighbor’s premises. They also work as a security fence to avoid unrestricted entry. 

Roofing structure:  Clear polycarbonate corrugated sheet is an excellent source of translucent roofing sunrooms which relay sunlight to the room during the day.  Corrugated sheets are rigid and also lightweight.  They have good insulating properties.  They are also extensively used in greenhouse applications and small structures requiring a sturdy construct.

Packaging:  Corrugated plastic sheets are favorable to make into a perfect packaging material.  Henceforth their strength, durability and soil resistance makes them an easy alternative to paperboards and wooden package material.  Comparatively, they are cheap to afford and don’t tear off but can be easily cut through a knife.  Many grocery stores, book sellers, distillers, gift sellers use corrugated boxes for packing different materials. 

Printing:  From sign boards to street advertisements, corrugated material has come a long way.  We can also find attractive printing put on translucent polycarbonate sheets with the photos of eatables and price list at any fast food joint.

Relief Factors:  The waterproofing and insulating properties of polycarbonate structures make them ideal for constructing temporary sheds in relief work like for rehabilitation of floods or earthquake victims.  These sheets are easy to be transported by air and are much more economically efficacious than traditional materials such as tarpaulins. 

Eco-friendly:  Polypropylene boards are impact resistant and they can be recycled.  Easy molding allows them to have great economic value as they can be stapled, stitched and cut to shape with a knife.

Pet enclosures:  We can have a durable pet home made of corrugated plastic sheets because it is versatile and strong.  Cat and guinea pig enclosures are common to be found in this material. 

Schooling and Hobby:  Most schools use corrugated material as pinboards because they are light weight and can work as display boards for notices or art works.  Corrugated material can also be built into models to build houses, airplanes, and more for education purposes.

Medical usage:  Corrugated plastic sheets don’t break easily because they are tough and light.  They can be extremely useful in emergency like situations where you need a stretcher to carry some ill persons.  It can also be used as a splint to support a broker hand or a small bone. 

Fencing:  People use these sheets to dissuade animals enter their green areas or spoil the garden.  Garage roofing and outhouses often use this material because it gives them excellent thermal and sound insulation and high impact resistance.

Benefits of Plastic Corrugated Sheets: 

Some benefits that we can recall from plastic corrugated sheets are:

Durability:  Corrugated material is far more durable than simple plastic or wooden structures and there is no comparison with paperboards.  Plastic roofing of corrugated sheets are used in the construction industry widely due to their anti-scratch coating and ultraviolet protection as this ensures longevity to the roofing structure against adverse environmental conditions. 

Cost effectiveness:  Be it roofing sheets, greenhouse constructs or any other purpose, plastic corrugated sheets are easily tailormade into any design that user wants.  They don’t crack or leak and the installation process is very simple and affordable.  Hard labor is not required at all. Most property owners prefer this material simply because they are cost worthy.

Better optical properties:  The high property of photosensitivity makes them an ideal choice for roofing structures.  A semi translucent corrugated ceiling can enable skylights and you get the whole light inside the room.  There is no need for electricity during the daytime and the entire roof can be covered. 

Low maintenance:  There is hardly any retreatment required, just a sort of light hose cleaning and that’s all to keep your roof spotlessly clean.  However, some cleaning agents might have harsh propensity to damage outer polished layer of the sheets, so they must be well read.

Corrugated plastic sheets are great for home use, the manufacturing industry and the goods and services industry.  Due to its high strength and endurance, a corrugated plastic sheet can be seen as the best alternative to wood and paper fabrications. 

Corrugated Plastic  Sheets is the future as it holds great versatility and quality.  Owing to the even newer usage almost every day, it has become one of the most sought after materials in day to day life use.

 There is not much to invest in corrugated sheets but this resourceful material will likely become your friend forever!

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