Corrugated Sheet Suppliers in Qatar

Plastic Corrugated Sheet Manufacturer & Supplier in Qatar

Corpac Sheets are made from Impact Co-polymer of Polypropylene. It is an extruded hollow profile consisting of two flat walls connected by vertical ribs. It can be fabricated easily using paper board converting machineries. The sheets are corona treated on both sides to a level of 48 Dynes/cm2 for good printability. The salient feature of the sheets make it suitable for wide range of uses. Advertising, Packaging, Material Handling, Protection, Stationery, Construction are few to mention.

Corrugated sheet suppliers in Qatar

Corrugated Sheets also called a corriboard are known by different names under the trade names of Polyflute, Coroplast, FlutePlast, Twinplast, et al. Coroplast refers to an entire gamut of extruded sheets made into twinplast plastic sheet products which are manufactured using high-impact polypropylene resin treated onto corrugated fiberboard. This light-weight material is very tough and durable yet can be easily cut with a utility knife. It is exported to various countries and corrugated sheet suppliers in Qatar are making it a profitable business affair.

Working as exporters to corrugated sheet suppliers in Qatar:

There are a number of corrugated sheet suppliers in Qatar that importing the material from India and Corpac is one of them. We have a corrugated plastic comes in a wide variety of colors and thicknesses. Coroplast layers are linked by vertical ribs having. The polypropylene compound makes the sheet highly resistant to weather and water. The sheet also absorbs quite a bit of friction as the air trapped between the two layers gives it a cushioning property.There is a high strength to weight ratio because the structure gives the sheets extra cover and capacity to counter external influencing conditions.

Why are Corrugated Sheet Suppliers in Qatar in great demand:

Coroplast contains polypropylene which is a thermoplastic polymer used in a variety of structures and perfect for many applications including packaging, labeling and in making containers. The material is highly resistant to water, oils and also fire. PP copolymer bears strength to accommodate live hinge property so coroplast sheets find use in both indoor and outdoor application for construction, sign boards, signage, packaging, point of sale displays and many engineering usages.

Corrugated plastic sheets are 100% recyclable and because they are also environmental friendly, they can be used in a wide array of things like box making, POS display stands, durable packaging and more. With GI corrugated sheets high in demand these days, they are also making headway in construction roofing. Seen as a developing nation as per United Nations, Qatar is witnessing a huge demand in coroplast material owing to its low cost high yield values.

Corpac, a global leader in corrugated sheet exporters is making steady progress in the field of manufacturing world class polyethylene corrugated sheets which are remembered for their standard of strength, resilience and adaptability. Its high impact polypropylene resin makes the sheets even more rugged and last long and that’s why countries like Qatar are regularly demanding corrugated sheets only from Corpac because we have been constantly serving other countries as well as we march towards reliance on quality sheets manufactured by our plant in India.


Importance of Corrugated Sheet Suppliers in Qatar:

Over the years with rise in the cost of paperboards, coroplast has become the best alternative. It is perfectly, soil-proof solution to the packaging industry. This peninsular Arabian country comprises mostly of futuristic skycrapers and modern architecture heavily influenced by ancient Islamic culture yet the engineering sector is witnessing a huge transition from its previous working methodology to accepting the global innovations and improvements in their day to day economic policies.

Coroplast has been always a frugal product but its return on investment on corrugated sheets is high owing to its long life and resistance power. The material is loved to be owned by the businesses of Qatar as it promises wonderful outcomes for their industrial purposes.

We have every corrugated product quality tested and checked before it is deemed for sale. Even schools require these boards for daily activities like pinning notices, important updates about class fees or simply a PTM. Students can also pin up their projects on them and display their works. Corrugated sheets have made it as one of the most preferred choices and great business ideas because they have marked their presence in different sectors of the industry and similarly they are making a definite go through in today’s economy worldwide.

We are famous Corrugated Sheet Exporters Worldwide. With our product sent to various nations, New Zealand, Germany, UK and also Qatar have become a permanent client of corrugated sheets supplied by us and we are witnessing quite a positive approach in the market of corrugated sheet exports. There has been a definite stimulus of growth in recent times of this material and more industries are coming ahead which are manufacturing polypropylene based sheets.

Corpac is a company that treats all customers on priority because we feel that our clients form a strength point to the business goals we have set. Secondly, we believe in efficiency in services and cost effective measures to give our clients the best product at very competitive or nominal price possible. We have a team of experts which takes care of production and stern quality testing that makes our sheets a product proud to be owned. Our facility in the state of Rajasthan, India caters to various corrugated products, different sizes and ranges but they all pass the test of resistance and durability.

We strongly inculcate faith from our clients in Qatar and exporting these corrugated sheets to other countries as well to serve them better and make the most out of this product.

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