Fabricated Products made by Corrugated Plastic Sheets

We have a full fabrication facility in house to convert sheets into customized fabricated products. These products are manufactured with durable materials sheets and specifically designed for multiple trips and extended life. They are durably made to support multipurpose uses without the impairment of protective features. The term returnable is also used interchangeably. It includes returning packages or components other than recycling, disposal, incineration, etc. Our fabrication facility include platen punching and flatbed die cutting machines, roller cutting, ultrasonic welding, riveting, edge sealing and so on.

We do also provide custom made products like:

  1. Lay Flat Printed Folder
  2. Dunnage
  3. Printed Folding Box
  4. Assemble line Trolley
  5. Punched Fruit Box
  6. Punched sheets
  7. Sealed Edge Layer Pad
  8. Punched Die Box
  9. Telescope Box
  10. Totes
  11. Bulk Pack Sleeve
  12. Die Storage Box
  13. Collapsible Dunnage
  14. Fridge Back
  15. Partitioned Box

Other specialized products extend beyond to items like rat protectors for washing machines, fridge back, flanges for cable drums, steel sheet rolls, multi-purpose crates etc. These products are available in all versions to facilitate diverse applications in tent and catering, fresh produce, textiles glass, bakery, and other purposes.

Various Grades sheets that have been used in the Fabrication of these products:

Signage sheets– These sheets are available to gives smooth surface and fine printing results. They can also be used for sign boards, pop displays, posters, danglers etc. It is a suitable sheet for silk screen, digital flatbed printers or paper and vinyl stickers. Specialized products can be fabricated on this sheet as per customer drawing.

Guard Sheets- These sheets are strong usually preferred for Floor, tiles, glass, windows, pillar protection during construction. With the same sheet, our fabrication gives protection to customer’s valuables that could get damaged during shipment. We can provide custom-made designsfrom guard sheets according to the customer.

ESD- Used for storage, handling and packaging of sensitive electronic components and circuits. Customers also demand ESD fabricated products.

Outdoor- These sheets are suitable for protection against sunlight exposure ranging from 1-2 years. Polypropylene normally degrades from long exposure to heat and sun rays. These sheets are Fire Retardant as per UL standard in HB and V2 grades. We can also fabricate design from these sheets.

Anti- Corrosive- These sheets are best suitable for packaging application of Iron & Steel products as a rust preventer. Mostly,the customers prefer their cargo to be fabricated in anti-corrosive sheets.

Here is a list of products imaged below fabricated from different types of Corpac Corrugated Plastic Sheets:
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