Uses of Corrugated Plastic Boxes in India

Uses of Corrugated Plastic Boxes in India

Uses of Corrugated Plastic Boxes in India

Paperboard has been quite a useful product.  It had been the prime product of the packaging industry including stationary packing, grocery packaging, garment parcels, gift boxes and more.  But obviously, there were some concerns backed by slight discontent for its durability.  Although boxes made of paper were good for daily use, they could get soiled and tear away if exposed to some rain drops or water.  Then, paper involved cutting off trees regularly although boxes also began to be made of recycled paper.  However, when polypropylene slipped into the market, it starts to impact the current scenario where the paper material was widely used in many of its forms that we know today.  Gradually, when Corrugated Plastic Boxes in India users started off with a cheap price tag and assurance of tensile strength.

Importance of Corrugated Plastic Boxes :

Polypropylene is a thermoplastic addition polymer made from the combination of propylene monomers.  This material is very much versatile to counter many life challenges as this plastic like material has great tenacity, flexibility, water and heat resistance and is very light weight.  It doesn’t soil or gives way.  Secondly, the material is quite cheaper than paperboard.  It also came in wide use as a roofing material and temporary sheds for street shops.  Subsequently, many industries shifted their packaging material to corrugated sheets and corrugated plastic boxes soon became a hit. 

Corrugated plastics became a norm of the industry and soon it developed many takers. Corrugated boxes manufacturers also bluestacks manufacturing collapsible corrugated plastic boxes beside plain corrugated boxes.  Due to good load containing capacity and strength, corrugated plastic storage boxes became an ideal for factory floors, inventory, product and document storage.  This versatile solution has become a wonderful a cost-effective replacement for cardboard, molded plastic and other substrates.

Why plastic corrugated Boxes material is in great demand :

corrugated plastic  boxes manufacturers  are now witnessing a surge in demand for this magical product because of its high merits and frugal costing.  Secondly, you don’t need any special care instructions to handle this highly stubborn material as it can resist water so much so that people also use it for sunroofing.  It can also withstand high pressures of wind and be placed as a temporary sunshade on shops.

The material is always easy to work with as these polyethylene sheets can be handled with comfort.  Corrugated plastic can be easily cut with a kitchen knife and made into the packing box of your choice.  It also comes in many exciting colors and often corrugated plastic boxes exporters give you the option to choose different color sheets as your need be.  It has a neutral pH factor and is naturally a good resistant product.  While at regular temperature, there is no effect of water, oil and many solvents cannot harm its outer layer, most plastic corrugated box manufacturers in Mumbai are making them tougher by adding extra compounds to make it more flame retardant, protect it from ultra-violet rays and corrosion free.

Polypropylene plastic sheet manufacturers  often offer corrugated plastic boxes for sale because of improving their sales pitch and more manufacturing companies are spurting up and giving each other stiff competition in the sale of corrugated boards and boxes.

Since this is best for making plastic containers and reusable packaging, it is highly recommended by flexboard printers to use it as a commercial signboard.

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