Why pp corrugated boxes are more useful than wooden crates

Why pp corrugated boxes are more useful than wooden crates

Why pp corrugated boxes are more useful than wooden crates

PP corrugated sheets have changed the International shipping in and out. They have just not changed the face rather given a fresh breeze of life in packaging, handling, and transportation. While out dating the wooden crates they have made the storage, assembling, lifting and transporting comfortable, economical and user-friendly. On one hand, they have made life easier on the other they have increased revenue and contributed to the planet by preventing trees cutting and thus maintaining the ecosystem. They are recyclable, washable, durable and reusable. Few of their major advantages over wooden crates are as follows:

1) Lighter in weight, Durable in use, Friendly in approach

PP corrugated sheets are not only lighter but durable too and thus are more user-friendly on many accounts than wooden crates. These corrugated sheets are the innovative fabricated sheets and are just half the weight of wooden crates. So, in return, you drastically save on material and freight both.

2) Easy handling, Quick assembling, Faster labeling

PP corrugated boxes are easy to lift and quick to assemble without any lift van aid. This saves your money while also saving on time and manpower both. In addition, it also provides with a safe working with accident-free environment. These corrugated plastic boxes are easy to be labeled and faster to be loaded owing to their light weight, plain surface and smooth edges.

3) Cheap manpower, Little guidance, Quick training

PP corrugated sheets can be easily assembled by the novice what to talk about semiskilled workers thus eliminating the need of hiring skilled experts as required in the case of the wooden crates. It also provides the flexibility of hiring novices as they can assemble PP corrugated sheet boxes with equal ease.

4) Economy on space - Compact storing, simple stores

PP corrugated sheets take less space while storing and do not demand any special store yards as are required by the wooden crates. They occupy just one-fifth of space as acquired by the wooden crates thus saving on space, handling, transportation and workmanship. In a nutshell, five PP corrugated boxes assembling sheets can be comfortably stored in the area as occupied by a single wooden crate box.

5) Economy on use - Recyclable with extended life cycle

Wooden Crates are scrapped after one-time use and thus waste time, effort and money. PP corrugated sheets are 100% recyclable and come with the extended life cycle in addition of multiple uses. These sheets help to maintain ecosystem and contributes in saving our planet while making it a better place to live.

6) Customized labeling - Better outlook, Better Branding 

PP corrugated sheets are compatible with better graphics printing and make your final corrugated boxes stand out with your logo, slogan, brand or any other promotion you want to do while these boxes are in transit crossing millions eyes and turning heads. There is no other better way to reach millions without a single penny infused.

7) Faster deliveries, Contended clients, Economic transportation

PP corrugated sheets are lighter in weight, spacious in volume and better in loading in comparison to wooden crates and are thus economical to transit by all means, whether it is road, sea or air. Being lighter they encourage air transit, making faster deliveries, better services, contended clients, repeat business and more revenue.

8) Longer life, No degrading, Environment resistive

PP corrugated sheets have a longer life in comparison to wooden crates, which are easily affected by termites, weather, climate and are vulnerable to other environmental degrading elements. These corrugated sheets are resistant to all and make their storage economical, simpler and easier. Their quality is stable, life is long and characteristic is neutral. They are chemical resistance, anti-impact, anti-fade and anti-corrosive.

9) Comfortable opening, Easier reuse

PP Corrugated sheet boxes are easy to open while comparing to wooden crates which need tools, process, experience and skill to get opened. These corrugated boxes are quick to open and compact to store after being collapsed. They are easier to reuse and ready to ready to be recycled.

10) Simple economical systems, Say no to Hi-tech Sophisticated systems

PP corrugated sheets can be assembled, loaded, transported, unloaded and disassembled  without needing costly, complicated or sophisticated systems like cranes, lift vans, trolleys, chain pulley etc. as required by the wooden crate packing.

Lets Conclude

PP corrugated sheet boxes support the system while wooden crates wreak havoc by cutting trees on the ecosystem. It is our moral obligation to save the planet and stop using these wooden crates. The International shipping guidelines and regulations have tightened the noose against wooden crates while encouraging alternative packaging material. PP corrugated sheets by Corpac polypropylene corrugated sheets are just the right solution for all packaging needs. With superb quality and economical price, their deliveries are at every nook and corner.

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