Uses of Custom PP Corrugated boxes

Uses of Custom PP Corrugated boxes

Uses of Custom PP Corrugated boxes

PP corrugated box is the packaging material of choice for many brands and industries. Its high-tech construction ensures that the material can carry a variety of weights, protects from moisture and provides sustainable packaging solutions. In addition, the PP Corrugated Box is highly customizable and very cost effective. Lets delve a bit deeper into the world of corrugated cardboard boxes made of PP and find out what else it has to offer from the point of view of a packaging designer

There are two main types of corrugated plastic. Corrugated plastic sheets usually consist of three layers - two flat sheets with a ribbed middle layer. In fact, these are actually two layers, often referred to as double-shelled plastic. Under corrugated plastic and plastic plates can be understood that are wavy in profile and can be reinforced with cut glass fibers. They are single-layered and are mainly used for roofing garages and outbuildings, but gardeners also use them to build sheds. Here we focus on the double-walled version, also called corrugated board or corrugated plastic plate.

The materials used include polypropylene and polyethylene, widely used and versatile thermoplastics. Polypropylene has a neutral pH and is resistant to many chemicals at normal temperatures. However, additives can be added to provide a variety of other resistances, such as UV, anti-static and fire resistance. Polycarbonate is also used, but this is a much less versatile material, especially in view of its relatively low impact strength and brittleness, although it is stiffer. PVC and PET are also used.

In the basic manufacturing process, the sheet is extruded - that is, the molten plastic is pumped (usually with a screw mechanism) through a die which provides the profile. The dies are usually 1 - 3 meters wide and provide a product with a thickness of up to 25 mm. Depending on the required profile, mono and coextrusion techniques are used.

Advantages and applications of Corrugated Plastic Sheets:

In buildings: Suppliers claim it is an ideal material for storm shutters and 200 times stronger than glass, 5 times lighter than plywood. It does not require painting and retains its color. It is translucent and does not rot.

Polypropylene corrugated sheets are used for roofing where rigidity, lightweight and insulating properties are ideal and low impact resistance is less important. It is also used for small buildings such as greenhouses, where the air core forms a useful insulating layer.

Humanitarian aid: The material is ideal for emergency shelter after flood, earthquake and other disasters. The lightweight plates can be easily transported by plane. Easy to handle and attach to wooden frames, their waterproof and insulating properties provide fast protection solutions compared to traditional materials such as tarpaulins and corrugated steel sheets.

Packaging: Versatile, flexible and impact resistant polypropylene corrugated sheets are ideal for packaging components (and also for agricultural products). It is more environmentally friendly than some molded packaging that can not be recycled. It can be stapled, sewn and easily cut with a hobby knife.

Signage: Available in a variety of colors, easy to print on (usually UV printed) and easily fixed by a variety of methods - light weight is an important factor.

Animal Enclosure: It is such a versatile material that rabbit stables and other pet enclosures are built with it. Fittings such as hinges can be screwed on; since it is not absorbent and easy to clean, it is extremely low maintenance.

Hobby applications: Modelers use them to build aircraft where light weight, one-dimensional stiffness, and right-angle flexibility are ideal for wing and hull design.

Medical: In an emergency, a section of an arch can be rolled around a broken limb and glued as a rail, which also provides impact protection and heat retention of the body.

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