These reasons will replace wooden packaging boxes by PP Corrugated Boxes

These reasons will replace wooden packaging boxes by PP Corrugated Boxes

These reasons will replace wooden packaging boxes by PP Corrugated Boxes

Wooden Packaging boxes have been used for some years to store and protect products that have been stored for a long time, as these crates are not easily damaged or broken.

Although wooden Packaging boxes have several advantages, they can be used for years, for a long time and can also be used for the safe delivery of imported and exported items. On the other hand, it also has many disadvantages because they are composed of wooden planks. Untreated wood can be easily contaminated by pests, fungi or bacteria. To prevent contamination, fumigation or treatment with paints and chemicals is necessary. However, this can affect the quality of the product if it comes into direct contact with the treated wood. In addition, it takes time and increases costs.

Pollution of untreated wood

Required fumigation

Non-aesthetic attraction

The box may be too hard or too rough and damage the product. The structure is not uniform.

The production of wooden crates represents an additional demand on natural resources.

Wooden boxes can easily be replaced by PP corrugated boxes.

Corrugated Plastic sheets can be used to export materials without compromising the quality of the product. By changing the paper specifications, the consumer can save costs to a certain extent. To give more strength to the box, you can use imported paper with different GSM characteristics.

A flute is generally used because it is a larger flute and the larger the flute, the greater the strength. A - Flute offers excellent stiffness properties and better edge failure test.

A flute offers great resistance to stacking boxes during export.

We can also replace wooden pallets against corrugated pallets. Polypropylene Corrugated sheet and pallet could be manufactured in a container to provide more comfort to consumers. Corrugated triple corrugated cardboard is an ideal packaging material for replacing wood, steel and other bulky packaging because of the following advantages:

PP corrugated boxes are recyclable and environmentally friendly.

The boxes are light or can represent one third of the weight of wooden boxes.

The weight of the wooden crate is always more than 40 kg, but with corrugated cardboard cases made of PP, it weighs between 15 and 20 kg of the same size.

The most important benefit is that it helps to reduce transportation costs. For example, when a product is transported by air, the cost of freight is Rs 400 / kg. If the product is transported in a wooden crate, the freight costs 16,000 rupees (16,000 rupees), while the cost of a PP corrugated box is 8,000 rupees. Freight costs are reduced by 50%.

It has a uniform structure and also provides cushioning during transport.

Protects against shocks and bumps and also withstands punctures.

Moisture resistant when using PU-coated paper

Small occupying space and easy to handle

It can also be transformed into different shapes and styles such as octagonal, hexagon, etc.

Mechanization and automation of corrugated board are simple.

The cardboard surface can also be printed because hazardous signs are used in export packaging to educate consumers. Printing can only be done in boxes, but not in wooden boxes.

Wooden boxes reduce their properties when used again and again. Not however with corrugated cardboard.

No elimination required. The waste containers can be reused to make the other paper product.

Easy to transport and use.

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