How Plastic Corrugated Sheets Are Used In Glass Industry ?

How Plastic Corrugated Sheets Are Used In Glass Industry ?

How Plastic Corrugated Sheets Are Used In Glass Industry ?

Shipping glass bottles or jars has always been a challenge as breakage does occur due to vibrations and collisions during transit. Polypropylene Corrugated sheets that also known as PP Corrugated Sheet can prevent your products from colliding with each other, which is a very innovative feature to assure your products are safe from damage.

A perfect way to ship your glass beverage bottles are by using Corrugated Plastic Sheets. They are ideal for glass beverage bottles. Plastic Corrugated Sheet sare usually used as a box divider usually built with a B flute material.

Using a Corrugated Plastic Sheet means you are using a heavier and stronger material. This works just right for the extra strength needed from possible outside pressures at top the box and underneath below. 

It acts as a strong frame, alleviating the outside pressure from your glass beverage bottles. Let the Corrugated Plastic Sheet be the strength needed while still cushioning your glass beverage bottles from impact.

At times we do not need a very heavy packing material. This is where PP corrugated sheets are a boon as these sheets are very light weighted. It provides more protection than any other material in this sector but at the same time reduces the shipping cost.

Plastic Corrugated sheet can be used as just one large sheet and can be used for stacking your goods. The sheets help you to increase the stability and it allows higher stocking per unit. These PP Corrugated Sheets prevent slippage as they resist movement and prevent damage when multiple stacks are loaded thereby keeping your products unharmed and undamaged.

Corrugated Plastic sheets have additional benefits. They may reduce the overall unit cost. They are easy to reuse. If it can be reused, you have trimmed the expenditure. Using a Corrugated Plastic Sheet means using a lighter weighing material, this is another form of reducing the shipping cost.

Think twice before you ship tiny small boxes per product instead ship only one box and you just saved on your shipping cost, shipping materials and overall unit cost. You also assure a safer delivery by keeping the products intact. They are secure which means less movement. Less movement means less chance of damage.

Like how a roof protects us from the sun, snow, and rain. Polypropylene Corrugated Sheets protect your goods from possible outside pressure, bumps, and jolts.

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