Advantages of Buying custom PP Corrugated Boxes

Advantages of Buying custom PP Corrugated Boxes

Advantages of Buying custom PP Corrugated Boxes

PP Corrugated Box is the packaging material of choice for many brands and industries. Its high-tech construction ensures that the material can carry a variety of weights, protects from moisture and provides sustainable packaging solutions. In addition, the PP Corrugated Box is highly customizable and very cost effective. Lets delve a bit deeper into the world of PP corrugated boxes and find out what else it has to offer from the point of view of a packaging designer.

PP corrugated boxes for shipping have been an integral part of the packaging industry for decades. These sturdy boxes can withstand repeated shocks and impacts to protect their contents from damage, making them a cost-effective and easy way to transport items throughout the city or across the country. While technological advances have changed many parts of the distribution and supply chain, these customized boxes continue to be the industry standard for shipping. Here are five reasons why custom PP Corrugated boxes persist.

1. PP Corrugated Box is extremely customizable:

We have already mentioned that the strength of the PP Corrugated Box can be adjusted to make it perfect for every product. In addition, PP Corrugated Box can receive various coatings, treatments and adhesives and even become flame retardant. PP Corrugated Box is available in all sizes and can be easily folded into different shapes to create a perfect fit for any industry. In addition, the print options are also largely customizable.

2. Packaging with the right dimensions makes financial sense:

Boxes that are too large for the items contained therein require additional packaging material to prevent unwanted shifts and damage to the contents. Over time, this additional weight and paper consumption can create significant costs for businesses and increase the environmental impact of their business operations. By choosing custom shipping boxes, companies can more easily manage packaging for a variety of items while keeping costs at a reasonable level.

3. Advertising without additional costs:

Custom boxes can be printed with marketing messages that appeal to your key audiences. Using this near-free advertising opportunity, businesses can often reach new demographics and new customers without spending a single penny on advertising campaigns. The resulting sales increases can more than offset the additional costs of individually printed boxes for shipping.

4. Improved appreciation among consumers and retailers:

Custom boxes can make a positive impression on consumers at every step of the distribution chain. Well thought-out and visually appealing boxes can add value to your brand efforts while increasing the perceived value of your products among those most likely to be purchased in the future. This improved market position can also affect your retail displays. Improved shipping packaging can make a more positive impression on retailers. This can result in a more prominent placement of your in-store displays and a stronger bargaining power on the most desirable locations of the end caps.

5. Dimensional weight pricing:

Almost all major carriers and parcel delivery companies now use the price calculation by weight for their ground shipments. This pricing scheme is also known as cube weight or volume weight and penalizes companies that regularly ship items in large boxes, regardless of the size of the content. With a small investment in a range of sheet sizes, manufacturers and retailers can cut shipping costs for most of the world s major carriers.

6. Faster turnaround times for sales orders:

Keeping an extensive range of customized PP corrugated boxes for shipping can reduce the time required to package orders and ship them to consumers. This can make a positive impression on new customers and at the same time increase the satisfaction of your current customers.

Working with dedicated Custom Boxes professionals your business can enjoy the continued benefits of custom shipping boxes at amazingly affordable prices. We work with you to identify the best solutions for your business and deliver the highest quality corrugated boxes for all your shipping needs.

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