Polypropylene Corrugated Sheets

Corpac Sheets are made from Impact Co-polymer of Polypropylene. It is an extruded hollow profile consisting of two flat walls connected by vertical ribs. It can be fabricated easily using paper board converting machineries. The sheets are corona treated on both sides to a level of 48 Dynes/cm2 for good printability. The salient feature of the sheets make it suitable for wide range of uses. Advertising, Packaging, Material Handling, Protection, Stationery, Construction are few to mention.

Polypropylene Corrugated Sheets
Salient Features
Light Weight Recyclable Impact Resistant
Strong Reusable Puncture Resistant
Waterproof Printable Tearing Resistant
Chemical proof High Insulation Custom Made
Verminproof Easy Fabrication Live Hinge

Various Grades

Corpac Signage

Smooth surface to give fine print results. Used for sign boards, pop/pos displays, posters, danglers etc .Suitable for silk screen, digital flatbed printers or paper and vinyl stickers.

Corpac Guard

Used for Floor, tiles, glass, windows, pillars protection during construction. Protection of waterproofing membrane, Overwrapping of cable drums, steel/aluminum sheets and coils

Corpac ESD

Used for storage, handling and packaging of sensitive electronic components and circuits. Surface resistivity 10^3 to 10^5 OHMS/SQ

Corpac Outdoor

These sheets are suitable for exposure to sunlight ranging from 1-2 years. Polypropylene normally degrade by long exposure to sunlight.

Corpac FR

These are Fire Retardant as per UL standard in HB and V2 gardes

Corpac Anti Corrosive

Suitable for packaging application of Iron & Steel products as rust preventer

Standard Sizes

1830 X 1220 mm, 2000 X 1300 mm, 2440 X 1220 mm, 2000 X 1000mm, 3000 X 2000 mm, 1220 X 2440 mm

Custom sizes also available

*First dimension is flute direction, second dimension is width

Standard colors

White, Yellow, Red, Black, Green, Blue, Grey, Natural

Custom colors also available for bulk quantities

Product Range

Thickness ( mm ) Weight ( grams/M2 )
1.7 250-350
2.0 300-500
3.0 430-650
3.3 550-700
3.5 650-900
4.0 550-800
5.0 700-1200
6.0 900-1400
8.0 1300-1550
10.0 1800-2000

Tolerance of Standard Sheets

Thickness +/- 5%
GSM +/- 5%
Length + 10 mm, - 0 mm
Width + 3 mm, - 0 mm
Diagonal difference 5 mm

Sheet can be squared upto +/- 1 mm by secondary operation

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