Importance of Corrugated Box Manufacturers in India

Importance of Corrugated Box Manufacturers in India

Importance of Corrugated Box Manufacturers in India

Corrugated plastic box or polypropylene corrugated sheets are called by various names in the plastic industry like Polyflute, Coroplast, FlutePlast etc. Due to the lightweight structure and strength capability, these Corflute sheets are being used in various industrial applications, packaging, printing and storing products. There is a heavy usage of this material because it is water proof, heat and oil resistant. We have various industries which are Corrugated Box manufacturers in India and other products not only in India but a major part of the world. Recent survey showed the global market for corrugated boxes was USD 61.29 Billion in 2015 and is projected to reach USD 76.76 Billion by 2021. Even in the food & beverages industry, the Asian markets are seeing immense growth which is expected to benefit of PP corrugated boxes manufacturing companies in the subcontinent.

Before the commercialization of corrugates, the corrugated box and carton was originally used for packaging pottery and glass. It is composed of a fluted corrugated or ribbed sheet with one or two flat linerboards. Owing to the propensity to equate strength and stiffness, it became famous over flat fiberboard, the design of material makes it more resistant to bending. For the most part, corrugated cartons withstand compression, vibration, shock, moisture and heat, no doubt they meet so many needs of the many products being shipped.

Since corrugated material applies to different user requirements say from beverage packaging, box making, school board applications, there is so much to say just because of its high resistance power. While at high temperatures, most wooden boards and metal sheets would die overtime, the rain or cold climate is also not too good, but corrugated box are one of a kind. That is why the high turgor of the material can sustain most oils, grease, solvents and water per se. While Asia-Pacific with emerging economies like China and India will drive the corrugated box market, corrugated box manufacturers in India are already anticipating market development and expansion in this sector. There are the major growth economies for corrugated boxes the main drivers being the increasing population, economic growth and greater disposable income bring up immense opportunities in these countries.

Corrugated box have exceptional quality when compared with any other packaging medium. India is a big producer of corrugated materials which mainly have flute board manufacturers. Because traditional cardboard is made from paper obtained from tree, there are more environmental reasons to worry. But in case of corrugated plastics, this is a different story for they stand tough in parameters like being anti-static, ultra-violet safe, flame retardant and what not. Being static-dissipative, these materials come in custom colors and are corrosion proof. That brings us to consider why the market of material is wide and extensive and we see how the Corrugated Box Manufacturers & Suppliers are doing great business in India. There are many home manufacturers which have offices located in Delhi NCR from where they also export to different countries. India has cheap labor and technology wise it has immense probabilities, so it is a perfection destination to make really cheap corrugated box and packing products.

There is a huge demand of this material especially as the are ergonomically and economically cheap to afford. Corrugated cartons are really very strong and sturdy. Their durability spells from the fact that major fragile and heavy goods are packed in comfortable corrugated wraps since their sturdiness minimalizes damage to the material caused during shipping. They are also not easy to tear or rupture, hence they have high resistance to withstand heavy weight of the product. This makes them a perfect packing idea to secure products during long ideal for all sorts of materials that need to be shipped long distance. Common examples include pizza boxes, ice cream boxes, packing boxes and many types of food boxes.

Corrugated box are generally purchased in bulk orders mainly by corporate industries, manufacturers and wholesalers. These people purchase the material at a cheap price. The corrugated box price can start anywhere from Rs. 5 a carton depending upon its size and shape. This sheet is very economical to transport with its lightweight. Be it any season, the box will remain in shape and wont soil.

These boxes are made up of polypropylene corrugated sheets and can be resized to shape easily with a knife or paper cutter. Even when they are hammered, they won't tear away. In fact, corrugated cartons can be custom made anytime. They are more attractive in different colors when lithographed in company hologram or something informative and attractive. The cartons become more appealing and marketable.

Not only corrugated box manufacturers give us the good reason to demand more of this product, we can find corrugated use literally everywhere, be it restaurants, cinema halls or malls, attractive billboards and big advertisement hoardings are a treat to watch for. They are made of reused and reshaped material, truly eco friendly. Material can undergo a recycling process and compressed and baled for economical transport.

While the economic value of corrugated material is known by now, they also come in different sizes and the cartons can be adjusted so that you have a perfect fit for any product. You can comfortably fold them how you like to pack your things because it gives you the best lightweight cover forming a smooth cushion inside to the fragile material. From thin to heavy gauge box, they are available in varied in sizes and thickness to fit your needs.

People prefer corrugated cartons being smooth in surface and having a plain area. Labelling and printing on Importance of pp corrugated box and sheets is really very soothing as they afford the perfect exterior for printed design labels or stickers. Good labels also make the goodwill and provide greater advertisement value to the company.

Although corrugated sheets are cost effective and tough, they are not fireproof but can resist a high degree of heat and withstand practically everything. They are preferred the world over for their resilience and performance. That's why every organization be it manufacturing, retailing or repackaging, every industry finds material their favorite. Having an incremental rise in demand for materials is proof to the fact of its growing popularity in all quarters of the earth. Really, there is no match to this tough yet flexible piece of wonder at so unimaginably cheap amount. No doubt why corrugated plastics are the face of the future that will tend to occupy more space in the times to come.

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