How to cut Corrugated Plastic Sheets

How to cut Corrugated Plastic Sheets

How to cut Corrugated Plastic Sheets

Corrugated Plastic sheets comprise of three layers- two flat plastic sheets with a wave-like ribbed center layer. The two flat plastic sheets are generally referred to as twinwall plastic. The Corrugated Plastic sheets may also be like sheets of plastic that have a wave-like structure that might have chopped glass fiber reinforced in it. Top corrugated plastic sheets may be of two types:

The twinwall plastic sheets - (this type of plastic sheet is also referred to as corrugated plastic board or fluted plastic board used for packaging boxes, greenhouses etc.)

The wave-like plastic sheets with the reinforced chopped glass - (these type of sheets are the single layer and are mainly used for roofing of outhouses, garages and some sheds in gardens)

Corrugated plastic sheets are an extremely inexpensive way to cover places like sheds, greenhouses, roofs etc. Corrugated plastic sheets manufacturers and suppliers focus on giving the clients great variety by offering different color options such as blue, red, white, black as well as clear plastic and opaque colors.

How are Corrugated Plastic sheets made?

While making the corrugated plastic sheets materials like polypropylene and polyethylene are widely used. Polypropylene is a chemical resistant material having a neutral pH and if supported y certain additives it can provide a variety of other resistance like fire resistance, UV and anti-static to name a few.

Polycarbonate is also used at times but it is a much less versatile material especially its poor effect on resistance and brittleness, PVC and PET may also be used.

Plastic corrugated sheets manufacturers and suppliers before exporting use the manufacturing process of extruding the sheet- in which molten plastic is pumped with a dye that provides the profile. Dies that are about 3m wide provide a product thickness of up to 25mm.

Areas where Corrugated Plastic Sheets are used!

Areas where Corrugated Plastic Sheets are used!

How can we miss out the opportunity t discuss the advantages of Corrugated Plastics in various fields:

  • Buildings:
People who are in the field of corrugated plastic sheets export claim that, corrugated plastic sheets are about 200 times stronger than glass and 5 times lighter than plywood. It is made in such a way that it does not require painting, has a translucent color and does not rot at all. With various qualities such as chemical resistance and a translucent color it can be used for structures like greenhouses.

  • Packaging
A material like polypropylene that is so powerful that it is versatile, flexible and impact resistant is perfect for packaging components of various things. As it is recyclable, this material is eco-friendly. It can be stitched, stapled and easily cut with a utility knife.

  • Signage
Apart from being rigid yet light- weight, corrugated plastic sheets are readily printed on and found in variety of colors.

How to cut Corrugated Plastic sheets?

How to cut Corrugated Plastic sheets? Corrugated Plastic Sheets not only have these wonderful qualities but also are super easy to cut. With the right kind of tools, you can quickly cut these sheets using the following steps:

Step 1- Prepare the Structure For cutting

Before cutting corrugated plastic sheets you must have your structure prepared where the sheets will be placed to cut. Ensure that the structure where you place the plastic sheet is flat and has enough space to cut, also be careful the structure where you keep the sheet must be hard and does not get scratched out.

Step 2- Mark and Measure

Once the structure is prepared to start by measuring the sheet for the appropriate size of the sheet and then mark along the measuring tape wherever you need to cut. This step will make your cutting of an accurate size and will give you a good fit.

Step 3- Cutting 

Now here comes the best part!

There are two ways you can Cut the plastic sheet with:

  1. Utility knife- Use the utility knife to cut the marked areas. While using this knife hold the sheet with one hand and cut with the other for a firmer grip.

  2. Band Sawyou can use a band saw to cut the corrugated plastic sheet for quick and more number of pieces that need to be cut. This will ensure the cuts you make are even and clean and don’t have any rough edges that could hurt you.

Also whenever cutting the corrugated plastic sheets, make sure to follow the given instructions: 
  1. Wear Gloves so that sharp edges do not give you cuts.

  2. Use all safety precautions that are provided by the band saw company.

  3. Always wear any kind of safety gear provided by the band saw company.

Keep cutting and using the plastic sheets made and supplied by Corrugated Plastic Sheets Manufacturers and Suppliers.  Also, make sure to keep yourself and your loved ones safe while cutting it with bigger tools!

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