Can a Corrugated box help save the planet ?

Can a Corrugated box help save the planet ?

Can a Corrugated box help save the planet ?

This is a question that is asked by a majority of the entrepreneurs who are bothered about the current ecological effects caused by their packaging procedures and are eager to help save the planet by using recycled options. The truth is that businesses are being scrutinized by the government agencies and the public in general for their role in saving/damaging the environment. This is indeed a major factor to boost or diminish their existing market goodwill. It has become all the more important than before for organizations to become more responsible in their approach when making packaging choices. While taking into consideration shipping options, the different brands are eager to know about the kind of environmental effects left upon by the materials used and find out ways on how to reduce carbon footprint.

Eco-friendly solutions

Such organizations can opt for Corrugated Box that is considered to be an eco-friendly solution. Using sustainable packaging like the paper-based corrugated is definitely beneficial for the organization and the planet as well. As a matter of fact, ethical shopping has more or less become integral towards the purchasing process. These days, customers are looking forward to schooling brands based upon the ones that make reasonable efforts to save the planet. In order to survive and beat the competition, no organization can be left behind with regards to showing concern for the planet and using alternative safe methods to contain pollution.

Some benefits offered by corrugated packaging options

1. Is recyclable and contains recycled content: There have emerged several Corrugated Boxes Manufacturers & Suppliers offering top quality corrugated packing supplies to meet all types of client needs and sizes. These are created from the good amount of recycled paper, like newspaper and cartons. It is also possible to recycle them repeatedly after its current usage is over. It is also devoid of harmful bleaches and dyes and hence, can be disposed of sustainably.

2. Renewable: Created for paper pulp, it is made predominantly from timber. Also, leftover materials and woodchips can go into its creation. Besides this, it uses recycled materials comprising of 70% - 100%, thus being fully safe for the environment.

Corrugated Box Suppliers who are known to develop corrugated packaging in huge amounts generally harvest materials from the sustainable, managed forests. The harvested trees are then replaced with seedlings to enable the restart of the process.

3. Reusable: They are easily renewable and recyclable and also reused as it is, thereby saving on packaging costs as well as reducing environmental impact. Few designs have been created to collapse easily and be fully reusable. Some boxes are not disposed of instantly and hence can be made the most of it due to their durability! Corrugated Box is popular for being a sturdy and solid solution, being able to carry the variety of weighs. Hence, they can be used repeatedly for different types of products.

Therefore, the above few reasons out of the many are enough for entrepreneurs to consider using corrugated solutions. This way, the planet can be saved and human beings stopped from extinction!

Beginner’s guide to select corrugated boxes of high quality

Sending products to other places, be it locally or to other cities within the country or internally will require proper packaging, a crucial aspect that cannot be overlooked or neglected. It is essential to understand that the corrugated board and cardboard box are not similar things. Rather, the latter can be termed to be heavy duty paper stock. It is not meant for those strong shipping containers. A cereal box is a wonderful example for the cardboard box.

But the corrugated board is much stronger having two major components, namely, the medium and liner. The latter is flat material which is found typically on the board’s external surfaces (as well as on the interior of few heavy board combinations). The medium is found in-between liners. It ‘flutes’ between liners or creates that arched shape and is undoubtedly a bigger contributor in the board’s strength. Once the paper sheets get glued together, a corrugated board is created, which then gets converted into a specific structure to sustain longer journeys, falls, bluestacks and bumps.

Know the basics

Prior to making the investment, it will be necessary to determine the box type desired. Several factors do come into play to determine the making of the corrugated box and hence it is termed to be customizable. Be it a carton created from thick board grade for offering additional protection or a lighter one to reduce shipping costs, it is very much possible to get a box style to suit perfectly the product requirements and the budget.

The flute profiles need to be checked out first. F, E, C, B and A are few of the common flutes available these days, with A stated to be the largest. The wall thickness of the corrugated board is determined by the flute size, including stacking strength.

1. The original one was ‘A’ flue and the thickest one. It is approximately 5mm thick, being a fabulous option to ship products requiring extra stacking strength or more cushioning.

2. The next is B flute created originally for self-supporting products like canned good, not requiring boxes to support the load. It is about 3.2mm thick and suits die-cut designs.

3. The third is C flute which is around 4mm thick and used extensively. It is slightly thick having 38 flutes for each foot when compared to 47/foot.

4. The current flute profiles created are E & F of 1.6 & 0.8mm respectively. Often these profiles are used for retail packaging because of their printability to offer superior image clarity.

Therefore, determining the above can help to make the right decision and get the packaging of the products done correctly.

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