Uses of pp corrugated sheets in Aerospace & Defence

Uses of pp corrugated sheets in Aerospace & Defence

Uses of pp corrugated sheets in Aerospace & Defence

Aerospace and Defence industries have always remained on the top priority of any nation, no matter whether they are developing countries or developed ones, these industries are important to both countries. Defense provides the national security while the aerospace ensures the timely reach to different places thus assuring smooth air transportation and quick reach. Considering their importance, a lot of research and development is conducted in these sectors to come out with innovative products, flawless manufacturing processes, and cutting-edge technologies. PP corrugated sheet is one such product.

What makes these PP Corrugated Sheets so great?

There are numerous uses of PP Corrugated sheets in Aerospace & Defense, but before diving deep in their uses, lets first have a glance to understand what is so great about them which has made these sheets so much in demand for the crucial industries. 

These PP sheets are manufactured from the Impact Co-polymer of Polypropylene and it is primarily an extruded profile, wherein two flat walls are connected by vertical ribs. These sheets are finally corona treated on both sides to provide them a better surface and durable life.

Which Properties of PP corrugated sheets make them suitable for Defense and Aerospace?

These sheets are built to longer life and are strong with a high impact resistant, good tearing resistant, amazing puncture resistant and are completely waterproof besides being light in weight and chemical proof. Such properties have made these sheets as miracle sheets for the defense and aerospace industries. From packaging to storing these PP corrugated sheets are very broadly used. The defense arms and ammunition are widely stored in PP corrugated sheets for safety and durability. It provides them excellent resistance to the effects of chemicals, long sunlight exposures, heating, weather, and tough environmental conditions.

Where PP corrugated sheets are used in Defense and Aerospace?

PP corrugated sheets provide the ultimate safety in transporting glass and other breakable items while transporting them over long distances. These sheets provide a sort of cushion between the outer surface of the box they are packed in and the other nearby boxes colliding with them. The ribs between the two walls of the PP corrugated sheets provide the stored material a layer of cushion from the outer push, blows and impact as they have high shock and impact resistance, and thus safely store and transport the breakable and easy to damage the material in defense and aerospace industries.

How these PP Corrugated sheets are a perfect fit for Defense and Aerospace?

As these sheets are light in weight and compact they occupy less space and add less burden to the total loaded weight in air transportation whether its in defense or aerospace. Thus, on the one hand, it ensures less occupancy in comparison to wooden packages while on the other hand it also ensures the lighter weight. Additionally, these packages are also chemical resistance thus preventing any sort of environmental or chemical hazards to the stored material.

What are the drawbacks of not using PP Corrugated sheets in Defense and Aerospace?

As mentioned earlier these PP sheets are lighter in weight, occupies less space and comes with a high resistance to impact, tearing, chemical effect and environment.

In absence of these sheets either wood or cardboard is used for packing during material transportation and they lack all the properties mentioned above which provide clear leverage to PP corrugated sheets. 

The wooden packing besides occupying larger space are heavier and are neither environment-friendly nor chemically resistive. These packings drastically add to the transportation cost while making the transported material vulnerable to environmental hazards and expose them to physical damage. Termites are a great cause of worry for these wooden packings.

The cardboard packings are too fragile and tearable to rely on them for transporting precious or breakable materials besides making them stored indoors only. They are also vulnerable to rains and harsh weather conditions and are strictly not recommendable in flood-prone areas. They are vulnerable to fire and chemical hazards too.


In the backdrop of above reasons it is thus advisable to use PP corrugated sheets in defense and aerospace industries rather than opting for other packaging materials. But whats more important is to procure the PP corrugated sheets from some certified pp corrugated sheets manufacturers with an established brand and proven track record. 

Corpac, the largest and time-tested brand of Classic Enterprises Pvt, Ltd., is the largest exported brand in PP corrugated sheets. The brand has a successful proven track record of exporting to 30 countries for more than the last ten years and has acquired an exclusive coveted place globally.

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